It’s officially summer where I’m moving from. It’s also officially summer in Texas where I’m moving to, but we aren’t going to talk about triple digit temperatures right now. Part of what keeps our community so hot is that the Council and I flat refuse to let Duat become stale. Just because we’re the exemplification of a desert afterlife doesn’t mean we have to be, well, dead. About ten minutes ago, I finished emptying the Metropolis of Alexandria. This rank, role, what have you is the setting for all of our prospective members. Periodically, we want to make sure that the individuals who are marked as prospective are in fact still interested in communing with the Deities.

After removing everyone from the Metropolis, I then reintroduced everyone who has a secondary (gaming) role back into the city. The logic is that if you have a gaming role (Warframe, Paradox, Shadowrun, D&D, etc.) you’re gaming with us, which means that you deserve to have that condo in paradise. Even if technically you’re never actually going to join our Craftsmen Guild, since you game with us, we want to recognize that.

Now that I’ve kicked everyone out of the city, effectively turnout a bunch of individuals into the abyss, anyone who actually would like the role need only request it from any of the Pharaohs (and that includes Deities, since Deities are first and foremost Pharaohs, but I digress). All of the Pharaohs have the permission to apply roles for both the Metropolis of Alexandria and all of the various other gaming roles we’ve introduced in a previous Discord update.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, or if you want to bellow at the top of your lungs, my Discord message box is always open, and you can also always submit your feedback at Happy hot days of summer!

P.S. You will probably also notice the new Nubian Court role on Discord. This is for all of our Discord bots. I wanted to separate them from everyone else who doesn't have a role.