The Caretaker's Corner

Caretaker Thoth and the Seven Castes, Wider and Wilder Exposure, and the Adjectives used

Yesterday (and Today) has been one of tremendous change. Nine new ranks have been created within our community, we’ve introduced an advancement process, refocused the Pharaohs, and that was just the opening act.

Today we’re introducing the Mee6 bot to our discord server. Over the coming days and weeks we will be fine tuning and configuring the bot to best serve our community with our needs. Don’t ask me how, since right now I don’t know. This is a project for the Pharaohs to help figure out. Tl;dr post more, advance your rank.

Next up, we’re fine tuning our server’s structure. As you’ve probably read before, we’ve spent a lot of time trying to make our Discord server as easy to use as possible. I went a bit overkill in breaking up everything into a litany of categories rivaling the number of billions paid out by the Catholic Church over the years covering up… things. While we’re keeping the game permissions, we’re significantly reducing the category clutter. This should make the community much more visitor and member friendly.

Connie, one of our up and coming members, is currently on the fast track to become a Pharaoh. We need to iron out just a couple details, after which she’ll be skipping the Merchant post altogether and zooming straight into the College. What gives? I’ll tell you: she’s agreed to take over responsibility for our Twitter and Facebook presence, and to be the chief architect of our efforts to bolster community engagement. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering how she’s gonna accomplish all this. Her boyfriend assures me she’s amazing*.

In the coming days, I will be looking at listing our server online with various discord listing sites to help increase unrelated interest and potential membership. No further information is available at this time.

Moving on, there is a new requirement that I’m expecting of all of my Deities. I will be expecting them to each interact with each member from the Guilds and College on a regular basis. At any time, I want to be able to ask them 1. When was the last time they talked to a specific member, and 2. What the nature of their conversation was, and 3. In the event it wasn’t privately personal, what the conversation actually contained. This is something that I believe will help ensure that my Council is adequately attentive and aware of the needs of Duat.

Finally, starting with this week, I will be outlining both weekly and monthly goals that I expect to be able to exceed. Some of these will be targeted towards the Deities, others towards the Pharaohs, and still others may be geared towards the Guilds or even the Metropolis. I’ll be publishing them on our website so that we can start working on our transparency. I’m also hoping to increase visitation to our site. It’s been feeling a tad neglected**.

*not the actual adjective used to describe Connie. **I’m inferring based on lack of wider usage.

Sentinel Weapon - Sweeper Prime

Sentinel Weapon - Sweeper Prime

Sentinel Weapon - Prime Laser Rifle

Sentinel Weapon - Laser Rifle Prime

Sentinel Weapon - Deconstructor Prime

Sentinel Weapon - Deconstructor Prime

Lowering a Deity's Flag

Since I returned from my vacation in Wales a little over a month ago, Rob’s been taking on a greater level of responsibility at home and in his community. I’m incredibly proud of my friend and the accomplishments he’s readying up for. Unfortunately, all that extra interpersonal investment is leaving him with less and less time to handle the administrative responsibilities that come with being a Deity in Duat. Rob spoke with me a short while ago, and told me that he’d be happy to be stepped down. In Duat, we don’t do resignation in the traditional way. When an individual is no longer in their role anymore, while they are nominally resigning or stepping down, the technical procedure is that they are stepped down by the Caretaker and the Council. Today we are lowing the Flag of the Deity Ma’at: one day I truly hope it flies again. Rob is, and will continue to remain, an integral part of our community and one of my best and strongest friends.

Summer, the Sandy Nile, and Condos in Paradise

It’s officially summer where I’m moving from. It’s also officially summer in Texas where I’m moving to, but we aren’t going to talk about triple digit temperatures right now. Part of what keeps our community so hot is that the Council and I flat refuse to let Duat become stale. Just because we’re the exemplification of a desert afterlife doesn’t mean we have to be, well, dead. About ten minutes ago, I finished emptying the Metropolis of Alexandria. This rank, role, what have you is the setting for all of our prospective members. Periodically, we want to make sure that the individuals who are marked as prospective are in fact still interested in communing with the Deities.

After removing everyone from the Metropolis, I then reintroduced everyone who has a secondary (gaming) role back into the city. The logic is that if you have a gaming role (Warframe, Paradox, Shadowrun, D&D, etc.) you’re gaming with us, which means that you deserve to have that condo in paradise. Even if technically you’re never actually going to join our Craftsmen Guild, since you game with us, we want to recognize that.

Now that I’ve kicked everyone out of the city, effectively turnout a bunch of individuals into the abyss, anyone who actually would like the role need only request it from any of the Pharaohs (and that includes Deities, since Deities are first and foremost Pharaohs, but I digress). All of the Pharaohs have the permission to apply roles for both the Metropolis of Alexandria and all of the various other gaming roles we’ve introduced in a previous Discord update.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, or if you want to bellow at the top of your lungs, my Discord message box is always open, and you can also always submit your feedback at Happy hot days of summer!

P.S. You will probably also notice the new Nubian Court role on Discord. This is for all of our Discord bots. I wanted to separate them from everyone else who doesn't have a role.

An old "community," TeamSpeak, and a Discord refinery

We coordinate all of our gaming on Discord. That’s never been a secret. In fact it’s one of the things that I think sets us apart from a lot of other gaming communities. I was a member, albeit very briefly, of a very different community. I co-owned a Minecraft server, and I was approached by leadership from that gaming community. They were looking to fill a vacancy, as it were, in their lineup. I was looking to acquire new, better hosting for my server. Ultimately, it was a match of convenience. What I did not understand until after the deal was done is that their community was incredibly inactive and, quite frankly, dead. I also did not understand that there was a power struggle at the top, but that’s a different conversation entirely.

Here in Duat, all of our gaming is coordinated on Discord. Our members are all on Discord, and we all chat with each other. True, we have a TeamSpeak server, although that’s almost never actually used. It exists, but to be honest I can’t even remember the server’s address. I can look it up, but it’s not a huge deal for anyone inside our community.

Earlier this month we introduced some changes to Discord’s management, and now we’re taking the next step. Today, Mikey and I rolled out category-specific roles for most of the games that are a part of our community. The idea is that short term, this is a fairly arduous process, getting everyone into their correct roles. Long term, however, this will help us tremendously as we expand.

The idea is that on the whole, we do have a lot of channels. Most of our members don’t need or want access to all of them, and that’s totally fine. We have now coordinated it so that with the exception of exactly two people (myself and Rob), everyone, even the Deities, has the opportunity to not see most of our gaming channels. Unless you actually want to be in a channel, you won’t need to see its category.

The downside? We now have a lot of roles, which does lead to role spam. Truthfully, I’m not too fussed about that. If you want the role, you get the role. If not, you don’t. Right now in order to gain access to any  of the new roles you need to chat with any of the Pharaohs. Everyone in the College has the ability to dole out the roles, so there’s more than enough coverage to get you that coveted role you need. As always, if you have any concerns, questions, suggestions, or idle thoughts, my Direct Messaging is always open to members of the server, and if you’re trying to be shy, you can use our online feedback form.

Duat Mail

Welcome to the new Duat Mail System. This article will give you a brief overview on how to access and utilize your brand new email address, and will also provide best practices and community standards.

The standard & scary disclaimer

Duat Mail is hosted on by DreamHost utilizing their proprietary software. They provide the AtMail interface. All your emails are stored in a filespace inaccessible from the rest of the server. In fact, as far as I'm aware, it's on a different server altogether.

All emails from come with the implied understanding that you are at least tacitly a representative of Duat, so please make sure that your activities reflect the high standards we expect and project. You are being issued this email account by Duat, however you do not own it or any of the emails contained within the account. At our sole discretion, we may suspend, terminate, or alter your account without warning, however we will not masquerade as you without your consent. Furthermore, we do not have the capability to access your account without changing your password, and doing so is highly unlikely.

We expect you to maintain your account and keep it secured, as all Duat functions, including any website logins, will be posted through your email account and not to a personal account

Okay, so the disclaimer's out of the way, let's go over some expectations. You do have the technical capability to change your signature and display name. We have requirements for what your display name and signature will look like, and your use of the email means you accept these.

Display Name

Your display name must be either your First and Last Name, or your First Name and Last Initial with a period. For example, my display name can be either David Greene or David G.


Signatures are expected to also be professional, and will follow this format excluding the bullets which are used to demonstrate line spacing:

  • [Closing statement, such as: Game on! or Sincerely or Have a Great Day! or something similar]
  • [First Name]
  • --
  • [Display Name]
  • [Membership Rank, if desired]
  • [Capitalized First Name and Capitalized Last Initial, ex. DavidG]

Logging In

Accessing your account is incredibly easy. There's even an online interface. Two links exist, for two different purposes.

Setting up IMAP

You can retrieve the IMAP settings inside the second link (mailbox). You can also use this handy-dandy info sheet:

  • IMAP Server:
  • IMAP Port: 993, Secure Transport - SSL function enabled
  • SMTP Server:
  • SMTP Port: 465, Secure Transport - SSL function enabled OR 587, using STARTTLS
  • Username for both IMAP and SMTP: Your email address; ex.
  • Password for both IMAP and SMTP: Your password, as set in the mailboxes address.


Zephyr Prime - 1st crack


  • Duration: 128
  • Efficiency: 100
  • Range: 145
  • Strength: 206
    • Rejuvenation
    • Power Drift
    • Primed Continuity
    • Stretch
    • Transient Fortitude
    • Redirection
    • Primed Flow
    • Umbral Intensify
    • Vigor
Nezha, Maximum Halo


  • Duration: 73
  • Efficiency: 130
  • Range: 100
  • Strength: 200
    • Sprint Boost
    • Power Drift
    • Vitality
    • Redirection
    • Armored Agility
    • Intensify
    • Primed Flow
    • Streamline
    • Transient Fortitude
    • Reaping Chakram