Since I returned from my vacation in Wales a little over a month ago, Rob’s been taking on a greater level of responsibility at home and in his community. I’m incredibly proud of my friend and the accomplishments he’s readying up for. Unfortunately, all that extra interpersonal investment is leaving him with less and less time to handle the administrative responsibilities that come with being a Deity in Duat. Rob spoke with me a short while ago, and told me that he’d be happy to be stepped down. In Duat, we don’t do resignation in the traditional way. When an individual is no longer in their role anymore, while they are nominally resigning or stepping down, the technical procedure is that they are stepped down by the Caretaker and the Council. Today we are lowing the Flag of the Deity Ma’at: one day I truly hope it flies again. Rob is, and will continue to remain, an integral part of our community and one of my best and strongest friends.