As a community, one of our major goals is to break into the game review world. This is not an inherently difficult task to accomplish; we merely need someone who is a good writer to actually, you know, write the reviews. Of course, in order to write a review the individual needs to have played the game. That is where the difficulty lies. Then there is the question of where we are going to publish our reviews. Of course, it makes sense to use Steam's built-in curator system, especially when you consider that a sizeable segment of our gaming life is delivered through Steam.

As someone with a background in marketing and public relations (I have a Masters in Public Relations, and one in Political Science, but that's a different conversation entirely), I'm particularly cognisant of the importance of regularly circling back visitors to our website. After all, the more people we can expose to our website, the more valuable our website becomes. That also means more unique content.

So exists the dilemma. If we publish primarily on Steam's curator service, we will inevitable have greater exposure for those articles, but at the cost of reduced exposure to our entire gaming community. Conversely, if we publish primarily on our website, we will have greater control over that exposure, but at the cost of reduced visibility for our reviews.

Rob and I were driving back from Great Whitley in England, taking the M5 into Wales when we started discussing this very problem. Granted, we were both (me more than him) more than a little tired. We had just climbed what he claimed was a hill, but I know to be closer to a mountain (having climbed the Appalachian on more than one occasion). Sidebar: did you know that Wales, and southern England at least, have an obscene amount of "hills" that are more along the lines of what US Citizens would charitably call small mountains? I didn't until now. In any case, we came up with a solution: cross posting. Everything is published on our website, and then cross-posted onto Facebook, Twitter, and even our Steam group, all with links back to our website.

Enter the blog system. We'll be testing and trialing this over the coming weeks and months, and undoubtedly tweaking it to high heaven as we go.