Welcome to the Lands of Duat, the most cult-y gaming community this side of the great veil! In an effort to help ensure that your new life is a smashing success, please be sure to abide by the following

  • Do engage with our community! We love talking to new people, and we’re happy to interact.
  • Don’t post conversations that are illegal. Discord has a feature that allows us to report anything that’s illegal, which is then handled by Discord Corporate. Not gonna lie, that’s a headache and a half that we just want to avoid.
  • Do invite your friends to join our server! Meeting new people, well, like I said, we enjoy it.
  • Don’t be vitriolic, engage in asshattery, or general unpleasantness. We’re here to game, not start World War III. Wait, I don’t think I can say that since we actually have started WW3 in several different games... and WW4… and WW5... well, I digress. Don’t be a douche.
  • Do tell us about any games you play that we might enjoy. We like to game… I mean, it’s kinda our thing. That and world domina… I mean hi?
  • Don’t harass or otherwise be a jerk trying to force us to do xyz for you. As a community, Duat is very cohesive. We coordinate, collaborate, and in general we pool our resources, energies, etc. when we’re in a game.
  • The Amduat is our community's playbook. This document helps detail how we as an organization operate, our motivations, and plans. Please take a moment to read the attached pdf to familiarize yourself the ways of Duat.



  • #announcements are used to distribute and replicate links from the official website. This channel exists as a courtesy, and there is a strong likelihood that not everything that should be cross-posted will in fact make it into this channel. The best location is always the website.
  • #logs are available to the Council of Deities only, and keep track of edits to posts, post deletions, and general mod/admin logging. Most of the same information from here is also available in the server's audit log.
  • #resources contain formatting codes, various master sheets, and other important pieces of information. This channel is accessible to the Guilds and up.
  • #streaming provides a venue for registered Streamers to promote their channel. Only people who are Streamers who also have the Streamer (Host) role will be able to post into this channel.
  • #suggestions offers a second location to make suggestions for improving the server. The best place to make suggestions will always be our Feedback form.
  • #sales-freebies is where we post Steam Sales, Humble Bundle freebies, and similar things. It is available starting at the Tomb Builder rank within the Metropolis of Alexandria.

Unfocused Chatter

  • #gallery is our general conversation channel. Most of our non-game specific conversations will happen here. Memes and shit-posting do not belong in this channel.
  • #catacombs is our NSFW and generally risquĂ© channel. Since many of our members are under the age of 18, we don't allow for porn or other hazardous content in there, however naturally, some content, while permissible, might not be work-safe. Enter the NSFW tag.
  • #corridors offers a unique location for memes, general sfw shit-posting, and other primarily image-based content that isn't especially part of any conversation.
  • #pets is a location for people to posts pictures of their pets.
  • #game-consideration provides a location for people to make suggestions for new games we as a community should look into joining. It is available starting at the Tomb Builder rank within the Metropolis of Alexandria.
  • #unspecified-games is for any game that doesn't have its own channel (yet). It is available starting at the Tomb Builder rank within the Metropolis of Alexandria.
  • #bot-spam is for, well, you guessed it: bot spam!

Sanctum Sanctorum

  • #council is a channel specifically for the Council of Deities.
  • #college is a channel specifically for the College of Pharaohs
  • #guildhall is a channel for all the members of the various Guilds to gather, and is also available to the College.

Online Games

  • #age-of-wonder (requires Paradox role)
  • #ark (requires Tomb Builder)
  • #black-desert-online (requires Tomb Builder)
  • #co-heroes
  • #crusaderkings2 (requires Paradox role)
  • #dark-souls (requires Dark Souls role)
  • #elite-dangerous
  • #europauniversalis4 (requires Paradox role)
  • #fight-games
  • #heartsofiron4 (requires Paradox role)
  • #minecraft
  • #paradox-games (requires Paradox role)
  • #payday2 (requires Payday role)
  • #saintsrow (nsfw channel)
  • #stellaris (requires Paradox role)
  • #victoria2 (requires Paradox role)
  • #warframe
  • #warframe-notifications

Tabletop Games

  • #cards-against-humanity
  • #dnd-general
  • #dnd-levi-1multishot (requires D&D ??: Levi DM'ing role)
  • #dnd-rusty-general (requires D&D 3.5e/Pathfinder: Rusty DM'ing role)
  • #dnd-rusty-campaign (requires D&D 3.5e/Pathfinder: Rusty DM'ing role)
  • #dnd-rusty-initiative (requires D&D 3.5e/Pathfinder: Rusty DM'ing role)
  • #dnd-rusty-rolls (requires D&D 3.5e/Pathfinder: Rusty DM'ing role)
  • #dnd-zenan-campaign (requires D&D 5e: Zenan DM'ing role)
  • #magic-the-gathering (requires Magic The Gathering role)
  • #rpgs-and-card-games
  • #shadowrun (requires Shadowrun role)
  • #40k (requires 40k role)

Project Khopesh

The content for this category is restricted. Project Khopesh is our game development program.


The Amphitheatre cointains all of our voice channels, including any temporary voice channels that may be created.

Roles & Permissions

Roles that have channels:

These roles will give you access to specific channels. Without these roles, you will be unable to see the applicable channels.
  • @Dark Souls Games
  • @D&D 3.5e/Pathfinder: Rusty DM'ing
  • @D&D 5e: Zenan DM'ing
  • @D&D ??: Levi DM'ing
  • @Magic the Gathering
  • @Paradox Games
  • @Project Khopesh gives access to the members of that project.
  • @Shadowrun
  • @Warhammer 40k

Roles that do not have channels

These roles do not have specific categories, but are instead useful when messaging people who play these specific games.
  • @Artists Consortium is an honorific used to designate artists within our community. This is not nor will it be the same as the future Artists Guild.
  • @Gomorrah Society is a secret society.
  • @â„Ľ Legacy is an honorific used to designate the pre-transcendance members of Duat
  • @Nubian Court is our bots category
  • @âž… Original Five is an honorific used to designate the absolute original members of Duat
  • @Payday 2
  • @Streamer (Host) is available for verified streamers to be able to post into the #streaming channel
  • @Warframe

Structural Roles:

These are roles created for membership within Duat.

  • @â–˛Metropolis of Alexandria is the visible role for the seven different sub-ranks that constitute the Metropolis. There are seven sub-ranks. These sub-ranks give access to various gaming channels within our community
  • @𒆳Craftsmen Guild is our probationary membership rank.
  • @𒆳Merchants Guild is our full membership rank.
  • @đ’† College of Pharaohs is our senior membership rank.
  • @đ’€­Council of Deities is our executive leadership rank.
  • @𒀯Caretaker of Duat is our leader's rank.