Please note that this document has been superseded by The Amduat and is provided here as an archived document for historical value only.

As part of our expansion, from time to time I will need to publish clarifications and updates to how Duat as a community operates. One of the major deficiencies I have noticed is that there is a drought in coordinated leadership from the heads of the various gaming houses. This document seeks to clarify what is expected of the Heads of Houses and put in place a more formalized job description. While being a head of one of Duat’s gaming houses is an honor, it is not without responsibility.

Overall Expectations from Heads of Houses

As the head of a gaming house in Duat, we expect that you will assist in coordinating playtime with your house. We also expect you to promote Duat as a community within the games that you are playing. For some houses, this is not applicable, however for many, this task is extremely crucial. Take, for example, the upcoming Planetside 2 house that will soon be formed. While the original members that will constitute the house are all current members of Duat, we want to eventually grow the Planetside 2 roster inside that game. We expect that the members of Duat, and especially the head of the Planetside 2 house, will encourage and succeed in drawing at least some members of their house into the greater Duat community. After all, the more games we play together, the more people who can play alongside us.

Nuanced Expectations from Heads of Houses

As mentioned in the overall expectations, the heads of the house will coordinate expansion for their house, and for Duat as a whole, from the non-Duat player base within the games they’re part of. In addition to this, we also expect the Heads of Houses to coordinate playtime within our community. Specifically, we expect that Houses will play together at least a few times a month. One issue that has been identified is that we have several Heads who are only nominally heads, with Mikey acting as the de facto Head. This will ultimately lead to burnout and does our entire community a disservice. To better improve our community, we need to share the responsibilities for running our houses. On a case-by-case basis, certain houses will be exempted from active coordinated playtime. This is most specifically for the catch-all House of Boop. Since Boop encompasses every casual multiplayer game that doesn’t have its own house, it is unrealistic to expect the House’s leader to not only play every game within that roster, but to be able to coordinate and recruit from all of them. Similarly, the House of Cards does not have an inherent community to recruit from, however we still expect that House leader to schedule regular CAH games.
These expectations are being posted now, however they will become fully enforced on 31 March 2018. This gives everyone a few weeks to rearrange and plan out what needs to be done.