Please note that this document has been superseded by The Amduat and is provided here as an archived document for historical value only.

Part of taking our community to the next level involves registering the Lands of Duat as a Social Club. By registering Duat as an LLC, we will be able to purchase the various things more effectively that we need, such as servers, licenses, and in-game services or features that we as a community may want to have. Duat will be registered between September to December 2018.

Membership Roll

For Duat to be registered as a Social Club, we need to be able to maintain an up-to-date membership roll which contains basic information of our membership. This information includes the members’ names, date of birth, some form of contact information (we use email), and location. While addresses aren’t needed, we do need State you’re residing in if you’re in the United States, Territory if you’re in Canada, or the most comparable level for your location. If you’re in the United Kingdom, we’d record your location as County, Nation. An example would be Kent, England.

Information Integrity

As far as privacy is concerned, the membership roll will only be accessible by the four pre-transcendence deities: Greene (Thoth), Rob (Ma’at), Mikey (Osiris), and Furhn (Horus). Two of these individuals are in the United States, one is in England, and the other is in Wales. By keeping the list of people who have access to this short, trusted few, we are better able to safeguard your personal information. It is stored as a Google Spreadsheet, which allows us to more readily be able to keep it up-to-date.

What if I don’t want to

For you to be classified as a Pharaoh, which is a full member, we will need all the information. As a Merchant, we can accept only your first name, however we’ll still need the rest of the information. Merchants will be recorded as entry-level or prospective status, depending on whether they provide their last name or not.


If you have any concerns with this policy, or want to learn more, please contact Greene, who will try to answer all your questions.