Please note that this document has been superseded by The Amduat and is provided here as an archived document for historical value only.

From time to time, issues may arise within the community where members may disagree, and seniority will be required to determine solutions. Should this happen, the following seniority protocols will be used.

Council of Deities

Seniority on the Council follows a mostly simple structure. With few exceptions, the order of seniority is based on when the Deity was appointed to the council. The first exception to this rule is that previous Caretakers will always take higher precedence over non-Caretakers. Among the former Caretakers, the order follows their appointment.

  • Greene is recognized as the first Caretaker. Aside from the current Caretaker, he has the highest level of seniority in the community.
  • Rob is recognized as the third Caretaker. He is therefore ranked behind only the present Caretaker of Duat and Greene.
  • Mikey is recognized as the fourth Caretaker. He is therefore ranked behind only the current caretaker, Greene, and Rob.
  • Noah, who is nominally the second Caretaker, is barred from the Council of Deities by separate decrees from each of the other three Caretakers.
  • All other Deities follow their most recent appointment to the Council of Deities when determining their date of seniority.

Pharaohs of Duat

Seniority amongst the Pharaohs is by simple date of seniority, apart from the Council of Deities, who are recognized as more senior than non-Deities. Following the Deities, the Pharaohs are awarded their seniority based on when they became Pharaohs. For the Pharaohs who were a part of our community before the transcendence, their dates are recorded as their pre-transcendence date of membership.

Merchants of Duat

There is no seniority mechanism for Merchants.