Please note that this document has been superseded by The Amduat and is provided here as an archived document for historical value only.

Lands of Duat as an entity was founded on October 26, 2014, however it wasn’t until nearly three years later that it finally achieved its ultimate focus of communal, cooperative, and coordinated game-play. The members of Duat play a variety of games, across many different platforms.

Caretaker of Duat

The Caretaker is the leader of Duat, and functions as the coordinator-in-chief, helping to shepherd the efforts of the gaming community. While the Caretaker does not have any explicit oversight, the Council of Deities does exist to support, advise, and help distribute the work-load. The Caretaker is ultimately responsible for all aspects of Duat.

Council of Deities

The Council is the advisory panel, and most senior members of the community. All members of the Council are appointed or dismissed at the discretion of the Caretaker. In practice, the Council functions as an ad-hoc board of directors, overseeing and guiding, alongside the Caretaker, the community at large. The Caretaker is also a part of the Council of Deities. Each Councilor adopts an Egyptian Deity as their nominal representation, although the Caretaker must confirm their choice.

Pharaohs of Duat

There are several stages of membership within the community of Duat. The Council confers the status of Pharaoh to senior members who have invested considerable time and effort into promoting and growing the community and its culture. These individuals have demonstrated their commitment to the community in multiple strong ways that have helped advance Duat. Members of Duat at the time of our exit from Politics and War are guaranteed their Pharaoh status may remain, regardless of activity, so long as they do not resign it. All Deities are also Pharaohs.

Merchants of Duat

The Merchants are the next level below Pharaohs. To become a Merchant, they must first be nominated by at least two different Pharaohs. The Council then decides whether to designate the individual as a Merchant, or to leave them as a Friend of the Pharaohs. Having already demonstrated their interested and intent to grow with the community, Merchants actively play alongside the Pharaohs in a variety of games.

Friend of the Pharaohs

The entry level into Duat, individuals with this designation are not technically a part of Duat, however they actively participate alongside the Pharaohs and work towards the goals of Duat. Many Friends of the Pharaohs will never advance to the status of Merchant, or ascend to the level of Pharaoh, and that is perfectly acceptable. For individuals wishing to advance within our community, we do expect a considerable level of activity and commitment.