The Lands of Duat (Duat) is a gaming community, born out of our need to expand away from a toxic game. Founded on 26 October 2014, Duat’s core membership has been gaming together for years. Over time, we’ve fine-tuned, retooled, and improved how we as a group operate. Since November 2017, we’ve been much more aggressive in our expansion of Duat, and in our gaming endeavours. This playbook was created to help our current and prospective members understand our philosophies and standard operating procedures, as well as what our plans are currently. Please note that these are expected to change as we move forward, and when that happens, the playbook will be revised and republished to reflect the adjustments.


Duat adopted the motto, “In Service to the Deities, the Pharaohs Game,” informally in January 2018, and formally on 4th April 2018. In addition to this, on 10 December 2018 as part of a branding shift, a new logo was introduced with the slogan, “Where the Pharaohs Game”. Either phrase may be used interchangeably as the slogan/motto.

Community Colours

The Duat colour scheme is Black and Gold. More appropriately, the gold should look burnished, as if to evoke a balance between the gold in a Pharaohs crown and a darkened, aged papyrus. For a more specific example, review our community flags.

Logo and Flags

Duat’s symbol is an impossible triangle made of black marble with Egyptian hieroglyphics adorning it. The logo uses the Kontanter Bold font for the D, U, and T. The A is represented by Duat’s symbol. The symbol is also used frequently as an abridged logo, and is included in a significant portion of our iconography. There exist several flags for the community, all of which are maintained by the Caretaker. The most important flag is the Flag of Duat, with the flags of the four original Deities joining the list.

Duat Mentality

The Duat mentality is that we work together, we collaborate, and we pool our resources (which include people) towards the common goal of dominating whichever games we are playing, and its varied sub goals.

Ranking Structure

There are two ranking structures that work together. There is the administrative structure, which determines governance of our organization. Individuals with administrative authority have been designated specific roles and tasks. Beyond that, there are multiple ranks for membership.

Caretaker of Duat

The Caretaker is the highest authority within the community and is also a member of the Council of Deities. While the Caretaker has full and unrestricted authority to direct Duat, in practice, the Caretaker consults with and requests the advice of the Council of Deities. The Caretaker may, at their sole discretion, appoint their replacement from the Council of Deities. This Playbook will always include the Roster of Caretakers.

  • First Caretaker of Duat: David Greene, 29 October 2014 to 7 May 2016
  • Second Caretaker of Duat: Robert Fenton, 7 May 2016 to 1 September 2016
  • Third Caretaker of Duat: Michael Satchell, 1 September 2016 to 4 April 2017
  • Fourth Caretaker of Duat: David Greene, 4 April 2017 to present

Note: During our time in the game Politics and War, there were two other individuals who led the alliance. They are not, however, recognized as Caretakers as they were only in charge of that game’s House.

Council of Deities

The Council of Deities comprise all members of Duat who are ranked Deity. The Caretaker hand-picks his Deities to serve on the Council, and these individuals are prized for their contributions to our community. Deities are expected to game with the membership regularly, as their input is key in determining elevations. There is no explicit process to becoming a Deity, beyond that they are required to be a member of the College of Pharaohs. All Deities retain their membership within the College of Pharaohs in addition to being admitted to the Council of Deities. Deities serve largely in an administrative capacity, sharing many of the same managerial responsibilities as the Caretaker.

College of Pharaohs

The College of Pharaohs comprise all members of Duat who are ranked Pharaoh and above. The college is the senior members of Duat, and these individuals have an outsized role in helping to shape the course of our community, as well as shepherd many of Duat’s projects, programs, and initiatives. Not everyone will achieve this rank; those who are named Pharaohs have earned their place by contributing a great deal towards the successes of Duat.

Merchants Guild

The Merchants Guild comprise all members of Duat who are ranked Merchant. As a part of this Guild, the Merchants are expected to promote the principles of Duat, and to be solid players in the games that they play. They are also expected to regularly promote Duat to their friends. Once you reach this tier of membership, it is expected that Merchants game collaboratively with other members of Duat and exude the Duat Mentality.

Merchants are full members of Duat.

Process: Ideal Merchants are already exhibiting the Duat mentality and are already regularly gaming and promoting Duat. To become a Merchant, the Caretaker and Council of Deities must determine that you are worthy of elevation. There is no other process.


Citizens of Alexandria

The Metropolis of Alexandria comprise all individuals who have been invited to begin the journey towards membership with Duat. While not necessarily an attractive title, they hold the rank of Citizens, these are people that have been identified as someone of interest to our community. Participating in the conversation and meshing well with Duat is key to advancing up the Metropolis’ ladder, and ultimately to joining one of the Guilds.  These gamers have helped Duat in some way, and we as a community look forward to gaming with them more regularly.

Formally, members of the Metropolis are prospective members and not actually members of Duat.

Process: To become a member of the Metropolis, all you need to do is begin interacting with our community on Discord. Expressing interest definitely helps, but for the most part we'll just mark you as a Citizen

Tribes of the Nile

The Tribes of the Nile comprise everyone not otherwise ranked who is a part of our Discord server. They have no standing within Duat and are simply visitors and active individuals.

The Games of Duat

When we initially expanded our gaming portfolio, Duat instituted a House system to help streamline and structure the community’s game time. In a word, that was a failure. We have shifted into a new structure that is less rigid and as such more conducive to our style. Any time a member of our community would like to introduce a game into Duat, we look at the game and begin assessing whether it is viable for the Pharaohs to erect an Obelisk. An Obelisk is our term for setting up shop, or being active in the game and coordinating game play.

Duat has three categories for all games: Games we are active in, Games we casually play, and Games we are considering. We publish the games and which category they are in on our website.

Games should meet the following criteria

  • The game should be Multiplayer Co-Op and should be playable when no one from Duat is around. This means that there needs to be either a single player mode or the game needs to be online multiplayer.
  • The game should be either completely free to play (which would, of course, mean that some paid benefits would exist) or relatively inexpensive (under $15 or ÂŁ10)
  • The game should be impervious to pay-to-play tactics and “Wallet Warrior” play style. If individuals can just buy their way to the top, that is not a game we are interested in getting into.

Suggested games that meet the above criteria are included into the list of games we are considering, and are subsequently elevated to one of the other categories depending on the community’s reception.

We no longer have gaming Houses or the Heads of Houses.

Seniority within Duat

Seniority on the Council follows a mostly simple structure. Seniority among the Pharaohs is by simple date of seniority, apart from the Council of Deities, who are recognized as more senior than non-Deities. Following the Deities, the Pharaohs are awarded their seniority based on when they became Pharaohs. For the Pharaohs who were a part of our community before the transcendence, their dates are recorded as their pre-transcendence date of membership. For both the Metropolis of Alexandria and the Merchants Guild, seniority is irrelevant so is not recorded.

Rank Ladder

From a ranking perspective, from lowest to highest, the Metropolis of Alexandria, then the Merchants Guild, then the College of Pharaohs, then the Council of Deities, and finally the Caretaker.

Duat’s Originals

Our community recognizes certain individuals as original members of our community. While there is no explicit benefit to being an Original, these members have been with us through thick and thin, and are so recognized.

At the time of Edition VII’s publishing date, there are five remaining Original Members of Duat. Should any of the current Original members resign their membership from Duat they forfeit their status as an Original. If they return to Duat, they would no longer be an Original member. These individuals are, in order of Seniority as of the publish date:

  • Greene, the Deity Thoth
  • Rob, 2nd Caretaker (Ret.)
  • Mikey, 3rd Caretaker (Ret.)
  • Jayden, Pharaoh
  • Corpious, Pharaoh


Official Email

Duat issues email addresses to all Deities, Team Members, and Project Leads. These email accounts are all from the domain name. Previously, some deities and leads who were issued email accounts were issued them from the domain The decision was made to switch away from that and instead have an entirely separate and standalone domain name for email. While some email addresses do still exist, the recipients can no longer send mail from that address, and can only send from their email address.

These addresses follow a standardized format of first name (except in situations where the individual is referred to by their middle name, in which case their full middle name is used) and last initial. For example, David Greene's email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Anyone concerned with whether an email is legitimately from Duat can forward the email to the Caretaker, and in situations where verification may be required, an email may be sent to that email address on the email address and it will be delivered. For example, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will be delivered to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. however David will be unable to reply from the address.


Holidays and Anniversaries

Duat celebrates 26 October 2014 as our anniversary. On this date, the community that would one day be Duat formed.

Document Supremacy

This document, The Amduat, takes precedence and priority over every other policy and document released, unless that document explicitly states it takes priority over this one. In any situation where there is a conflict, this document will be used as the authority, with the conflict from the other document set aside. In the event that there is a conflict between successive (or previous) editions of The Amduat, the most recent version will take priority, with previous versions still taking priority over any documents issued separately.

Differences between this version and the previous version

  • Revert to text from 5th Edition, with the following changes:

    • Fixed a date typo that has existed since the original Amduat. The founding date is 26 October not 24 October.

    • Expanded information on the motto

    • Expanded information on logo and flags

    • Removed Scribes Guild, Artists Guild, and Craftsmen Guild

    • Reduced the Metropolis of Alexandria back down to a single rank without sub-ranks, and modified the actual title to Citizen of Alexandria as opposed to the informal title of Interloper.

    • Removal of Expansion Plan from the Amduat

    • Removal of the requirement for Members Information. The community is shifting from social club designation to internet society designation.

    • Clique Day, Day of the Phoenix, and Day of the Pharaohs are no longer official holidays and anniversaries celebrated by the community. The only anniversary we mandate recognition of now is our founding anniversary.

Implementation and Effectiveness

As the founder and current Caretaker of Duat, I hereby publish this revised document as our playbook. The Amduat, in historical context, was one of the Egyptian funerary texts. In our usage, this document guides our community. The first edition of this document took full effect when published on the 4th of April, in the year 2018. This sixth revision, entitled Edition VII, takes effect on its publishing date of 19th of April 2019, and contains the aforementioned differences. Subsequent versions will also have my signature affixed signifying its adaptation.

David Greene

Caretaker of Duat

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.