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Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Websites like Google, Facebook, and other data broker sites tend to require a Privacy Policy as well as Terms of Use in order to be compliant with their various shenaniganery. Fine, let’s publish a privacy policy and terms of use.

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use for Visitors to the Website: We do not use any tracking or analytics, and we do not retain visitor logs of any kind. Since we do use Joomla, you may have a cookie placed onto your computer, but that cookie is not used by any of the components associated with this website. We have no need for any personally identifiable information to be shared on this site. You’re free to visit this site whenever you want, for any reason. Seriously, even if you’re an asshole trying to steal our cake and booze, you’re still free to visit our site.

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use for Feedback Form: We use Google Forms, so all the standard invasion of privacy terms apply to that. Literally, when you type it redirects you to the Google Form. Not even hosted by us. Only stuff we will then have is whatever is submitted by you, and we reserve the right to share all of that information to whoever we want with or without your permission.

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use for Logged in Users: In your case, we do log your activity for the purposes of security, however this only affects individuals who actually have accounts on here. Your personal information is not shared except in situations prescribed in the Amduat. Pro-tip: There are no reasons for your information to be shared as prescribed by the Amduat. If you’re logged in, that means you’re bound by the Amduat and additional agreements and understandings that are specific to you. Don’t abuse that, or you’ll get more than a boot.

We have the right to update this at any time, for any reason, with or without your consent. Any future updates will be reflected with a new post in The Caretaker's Corner, and this specific post will not be updated. You should always visit or for the most recent version.

Discord useability improvements, Feedback form, and generic complaints

Specifically on our Discord, one of our Deities made some very valuable suggestions on how we could improve the useability and reduce the overabundance of channels that aren't being used. As a result, I'd like to outline a few of the changes that have just occured.

  • We previously had six voice channels as well as a dedicated music channel. While this seemed like a good idea at their onset, we just don't currently have enough usage to warrant six individual voice channels. As such, I've scaled us down to Malachite and Serpentine, while still retaining our music room.
  • Our "Games from the Nile" section was where we kept all of our gaming channels that weren't previously categorized. Well, no more! Following the grouping found in our Games page, with only a few exceptions, all games that do have channels have been broken up to follow the same grouping. The exceptions are that the Paradox Games are still on their own, as are the D&D/MTG games, which are still a part of the House of the Nerd.
  • Most of the channels that were moved to the new "Misc. Gaming" category were actually inactive, so instead of leaving them in place, they have been archived. If we receive some interest, we can always bring them back from the great abyss.
  • The main channels (#gallery #catacombs #corridors) have had channel descriptions added so that there are no longer questions as to their purposes. While they were stated in #amduat the suggestion was made to also have them added to the descriptions, and that's a good idea!

Separately from our Discord, we're trialing a new Feedback form. If you've got gaming suggestions, community improvement suggestions, or other feedback, you can now submit them using our very clinical and sterile form. No need for any human interaction (in theory). Naturally, I would always prefer you reach out to me directly, but since I recognize that's not always possible, and also not everyone's style, this is the next best option.

Additionally, I will no longer accept "everyone says" or "people think" or similar statements. If individuals have suggestions, feedback, concerns, what have you, it is their responsibility to bring them forward. I am the person all of that feedback needs to be brought to. That's my responsibility as Caretaker: handle the suggestions, problems, and parties.