When we were developing our new website, Greene was totally stumped on how to describe Duat. You see, we've gone through growing pains, and transitions, and struggles, and tribulations. Duat has been a journey many years in the making. We wanted to make sure that this page reflected what we are now. And what better way to accomplish this, than by asking one of our newest members to the cult. Below is the first of no doubt many explanations of what Duat is, straight from the people that make our community the most potent combination of machination and merriment.

Its a den of thieves, a band of brigands, the only comaradery one would see from close knit bandits or ruthless hells angels, "share one share alike" and all that, it feels almost like once you are in no matter if you are a lowly citizen that visits once a week or so or if you are the grand Caretaker: everyone has each others' backs. Need 100 or so plat in Warframe? Done, 4 or 5 members will pool together, just be expected to do some farming later. Need some help building an European country or something of that nature? Done, a few members will hop on and ally with you and begin the process of political subterfuge to help you rise to the top, just be expected to do the same in anothers' game.

One of the cloth gets basically ganged up on? Oh you just kicked the bees hive, your game is forfeit, no not the player that did the offense, I mean the whole game, your infrastructure will be intersected and sleeper agents placed, small chips will be made and sure enough the entire thing will crumble from within.

Duat's mentality is the rogues creed:

Don't lash out against another kin.

Don't steal from another kin.

If you need anything you'll get your wish, just be expected to grant the wish of another at a moments notice.

This is a family, small infighting is to be expected, just don't act stupid and you can have your little tussles.

If someone dishonours Duat, expect the Caretaker's call to demolish them with the fury of the sun (or just let Mikey loose).