In Service to the Deities, the Pharaohs Game

In Service to the Deities, the Pharaohs Game

The closest many will ever get to paradise; Duat is the gaming community fit for the Gods.

The Lands of Duat, more commonly referred to simply as Duat, is a gaming community. What does that mean? In the shortest possible explanation, we're a group of people who like to game together. Bam, that's it really. Except that there's more to it than that. The Duat mentality is that we work together, we collaborate, and we pool our resources (which include people) towards the common goal of dominating whichever games we are playing, and its varied sub goals.

How we run

Duat's organizational structure is pretty straightforward. We're culty, and we like it that way. Anyone who wants to begin their journey into the pinnacle of gaming excellence need only ask a member to recommend them for admission to the Metropolis. This is our prospective grouping.


The Caretaker is the highest authority within the community and is also a member of the Council of Deities. Ultimately, it's Greene's job to oversee all of Duat, and make sure we're thriving.

Council of Deities

The Caretaker hand-picks his Deities to serve on the Council, and these individuals are prized for their contributions to our community. Without a doubt, the Deities are true anchors within Duat, ensuring we're well grounded.

College of Pharaohs

The College is the senior membership of Duat, and the core membership of our pre-transcendence. These individuals have gamed with us before we opened our community to wider admission.

Guilds of Duat

Merchants are expected to promote the principles of Duat, and to be solid players in the games that they play. Craftsmen are expected to continue gaming regularly with our community and maintain their activity levels.